Glen Rogers signed drawing

Glen Rogers signed drawing

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Glen Edward Rogers (born July 15, 1962), also known as "The Cross Country Killer" or "The Casanova Killer", is an American serial killer convicted of twomurders and a suspect in several others throughout the United States that began on September 28, 1995. Rogers grew up in Hamilton, Ohio, where he had an extensive criminal record for charges that included assault and arson.


Rogers was scheduled to be put to death on Valentine's Day, 1999, in Florida, but he immediately appealed to the Florida Supreme Court claiming that the State had not presented enough evidence to support the charges. Rogers also argued that the trial court should have granted the defense's motions for a mistrial because a witness was allowed to testify about a misdemeanor for which Rogers was convicted in California; the prosecution was also allowed to present an improper argument during closing arguments. His appeal was delayed until March, 2001, and was ultimately denied. In April 2005, Rogers filed another appeal, which is still pending. Should his death sentence ever be overturned based on a charge of prosecutorial misconduct, he will no longer be eligible for execution in the State of California.

The 2012 documentary My Brother the Serial Killer goes in depth about Rogers' murder spree, including his claim that he killed ex football star O. J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole.

Rogers is also the subject of an episode of the The FBI Files entitled "Deadly Stranger" (Season 3, Episode 12), and an episode of Southern Fried Homicide on Investigation Discovery.

The drawing is signed in full on the front and back.The drawing measures 9x12.

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