Joe Metheny signed drawing

Joe Metheny signed drawing


A serial killer who claimed to have sold his victims' remains in barbecue sandwiches has died in prison.

Joe Metheny, 62, was found unresponsive by a prison guard in Maryland where he was serving two life sentences, having escaped a death sentence on appeal.

Metheny was convicted of murdering two women in Baltimore during the mid-1990s—Cathy Magaziner and Kimberly Spicer—but claimed to have killed 10 people in total.

The killer, who was then heavily overweight and nicknamed "Tiny", confessed to police at the time that he was "a very sick person" and, according to a contemporary report in the Baltimore Sun, broke down in court when he saw Ms Spicer's mother.

He was found dead in his cell around 3 pm.

The artwork includes a bloody thumbprint of Metheny’s. The artwork is signed, Tiny, Which was Metheny’s nickname.

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