Michele Anderson signed drawing

Michele Anderson signed drawing

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The Carnation murders were a mass murder that occurred on December 24, 2007, near Carnation, Washington, a small rural town 25 miles east of Seattle. The murders took place in the home of Wayne Scott Anderson and Judy Anderson.

Six people were killed.

  • Wayne Scott Anderson, 60, a Boeing engineer and husband of Judy Anderson

  • Judy Anderson, 61, postal worker, and wife of Wayne Scott Anderson

  • Scott Anderson, 32, son of Wayne and Judy

  • Erica Anderson, 32, wife of Scott

  • Olivia Anderson, 5-year-old daughter of Scott and Erica

  • Nathan Anderson, 3-year-old son of Scott and Erica

According to testimony, Joseph Thomas McEnroe and Michele Kristen Anderson armed themselves and drove their pickup to the home of her parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson, on the afternoon of Dec. 24, 2007. Christine M. Sarteschi, author of Mass and Serial Murder, described McEnroe and Anderson living in a trailer on Anderson's parents' property.

Once inside, McEnroe distracted Judy Anderson, who was wrapping Christmas gifts, while Michele shot her father. After Michele's gun jammed, McEnroe then killed Wayne and Judy Anderson.

The two then hid the bodies and carefully cleaned the home and waited for Michele Anderson's older brother, Scott, his wife, Erica, both 32, and their two young children.

Once the family arrived, Michele Anderson shot her brother.[2] McEnroe and Anderson then shot Erica Anderson and McEnroe shot the children, 5-year-old Olivia and 3-year-old Nathan, at request of Anderson because they didn't want witnesses and said the children would be scarred for life having seen the parents killed.

The bodies were discovered two days later when a co-worker of Judy Anderson's went to the home to see why she was absent from work. While King County detectives were at the property, McEnroe and Michele Anderson drove up and were questioned and arrested.

Prosecutors told jurors the motive for the killings was money and Anderson's belief she had been slighted and mistreated by her parents and brother.

Sarteschi described McEnroe and Anderson meeting criteria for the classification "family annihilators", and described their crimes as instances of "familicide".

The drawing is signed, A on the front. It is signed in full on the back.

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