Ramon Salcido signed drawing

Ramon Salcido signed drawing

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Ramón Bojórquez Salcido (born March 6, 1961 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico) is a convicted mass murderer and as of 2017 is on death row in California's San Quentin State Prison.

He was convicted for the 1989 murders of seven people, including his wife and two of his daughters, four-year-old Sofía and 22-month-old Teresa. A third daughter, three-year-old Carmina, was left lying in a field beside the bodies of her sisters for 36 hours after being slashed across the throat by her father. She was rescued and later adopted by a family in Missouri. In 2009, Carmina Salcido wrote a book, Not Lost Forever: My Story of Survival, about her experiences.

The victims were killed in the cities of Sonoma and Cotati. Maria, Marion, and Ruth Richards were killed at a house at Lakewood Drive in Cotati, and Salcido's relatives and Toovey were killed in Sonoma.

The drawing was done with colored pencils. The drawing is signed in full. The drawing measures 9.5x12.

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