Phillip Jablonski shoes shirt boxers

Phillip Jablonski shoes shirt boxers


Phillip Carl Jablonski (born January 3, 1946) is an American serial killer convicted of killing five women in California and Utah between 1978 and 1991.

In February 1977, Jablonski met Linda Kimball and by August they were living together. Kimball gave birth to their daughter in December 1977. On the evening of July 6, 1978, Kimball's mother Isobel Pahls was awakened by Jablonski. He told her he had come to rape her but did not go through with it because when he looked at her face “all he could see was Linda's face.” Pahls managed to escape to a neighbor's house. A few days after the incident, Kimball left Jablonski and she and their child moved in with Pahls. On July 16, Jablonski killed Kimball when she returned to the apartment she had shared with Jablonski to pick up some things for their baby.

Jablonski served 12 years in prison for the first murder, and was released in 1990.

Carol Spadoni met and married Jablonski in 1982, after answering a newspaper ad placed while Jablonski was serving time in prison. On April 23, 1991, Carol, 46, and her mother, Eva Peterson, 72, were murdered at their home in Burlingame. Spadoni was shot, suffocated with duct tape, then stabbed, while Peterson was sexually assaulted and shot.

Jablonski was charged with the April 22, 1991 death of Fathyma Vann, 38, in Indio, California. Vann was a fellow student at the local community college that Jablonski attended to satisfy conditions of his parole. Fathyma, a recently widowed mother of two teenage girls, was found shot in the head and sexually assaulted, lying naked in a shallow ditch in the Indio desert with the words "I Love Jesus" carved in her back. Her body had been subjected to other mutilations including removal of her eyes and ears.

Jablonski was also charged with the robbery and subsequent murder of Margie Rogers, 58, in Grand County, Utah, on April 27, 1991. He was apprehended on April 28, 1991, in Kansas. He was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death.

In January 2006, the California Supreme Court upheld Jablonski's death sentence on appeal.

The insoles are signed, Master Phillip Jablonski. The shirt and boxers are both signed, Master Phillip Jablonski. The shoes are very worn, and there are some mystery stains on the boxers and shirt.

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