Sean Sellers handwritten envelope

Sean Sellers handwritten envelope


Sean Richard Sellers (May 18, 1969 – February 5, 1999) was an American murderer, one of 22 persons in the United States since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 to be executed for a crime committed while under the age of 18, and the only one to have been executed for crime committed under the age of 17. His case drew worldwide attention due to his age as well as his jailhouse conversion to Christianity and his claim that demonic possession made him innocent of his crimes.

On March 5, 1986, Sellers killed his mother and stepfather, Vonda and Lee Bellofatto, while they were asleep in the bedroom of their Oklahoma City home. Wearing only underwear to limit blood spatter on himself, he first shot his step-father. The shot awoke his mother, whom he shot in the face. Sellers tried to disguise his guilt by arranging the crime scene to look as if an intruder had committed the killings.

Sellers also later confessed to the 1985 killing of a Circle K convenience store clerk who had refused to sell him beer.

The envelope is handwritten.

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