Bob Foley signed greeting card envelope set

Bob Foley signed greeting card envelope set


Robert Foley has stayed on death row for nearly two decades….serving two death sentences.

“I resent the system. All together he has 6 counts of the death penalty,” says Sharon Vaughn McGeorge, who was only a teenager when her father, Rodney Vaughn, and uncle Lynn Vaughn were murdered in Laurel County.

Robert Foley was convicted in their deaths…and 6 months later he was sentenced to die for the 1989 murders of 4 others in Madison County.

“I don’t think I will ever have peace in my life….. until Robert Foley is executed,” said Vaughn from her Somerset home.

McGeorge wants to know why Governor Beshear hasn’t signed 's death warrant. A spokesperson for Beshear says that case requires research and other work dealing with attorneys and legal issues.

“There’s always going to be another appeal. If they want to sign the warrants, they can sign them warrants,” said McGeorge.

The Vaughns were killed in 1991 in Laurel County. Foley was convicted in September 1993. His second death sentence was handed down in 1994.

“It makes me wonder…he’s had 19 years of life my dad hasn’t had. He’s got to see his kids grow up. He’s got to see his family, whether it’s behind a glass window or whatever it is,” said McGeorge.

In both murder cases, Foley hid his victims, and in the Madison County case, they were found covered with lime and cement in a septic tank.

The envelope is typed. The greeting card is signed on the inside, Bob.

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