James Files handmade card

James Files handmade card


James Earl Files also known as James Sutton, is an American prisoner. In 1994, while serving a 50 year sentence for the 1991 attempted murders of two police officers, Files gave interviews stating that he was the "grassy knoll shooter" in the 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy and that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot. Files has subsequently been interviewed by others and discussed in various books pertaining to the assassination and related theories In 1994, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was quoted as having investigated Files' allegation and found it "not to be credible".

In 2010, Playboy magazine published an article by Hillel Levin in which Files also implicated Charles Nicoletti and John Roselli in the assassination of Kennedy

Vincent Bugliosi, author of Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has characterized Files as "the Rodney Dangerfield of Kennedy assassins." According to Bugliosi, very few within the majority of Americans (75%) who believe there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy respect him or his story. However, psychology professor Jerome Kroth described Files as "surprisingly credible" and said his story "is the most believable and persuasive" about the assassination.

The envelope and card are both handwritten. The card is signed on the inside, James Files.

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