Michelle Tharp handmade card

Michelle Tharp handmade card


Tharp, Michelle Sue: White; age 29 at crime (DOB: 1-20-1969); murder of white female age 7 (her daughter) in Burgettstown (Washington County) on 4-18-1998; sentenced on 11-14-2000.

Facts of the Crime:

Tharp, after being convicted of starving her seven-year-old daughter Tausha Lee Lanham to death in April 1998, was sentenced to death in Washington County on November 14, 2000. The jury was supplied with haunting evidence—pictures of a gaunt Tausha after her body was disposed of in a bush along a West Virginia dirt path.

The envelope is handwritten. The card is handmade and is signed on the inside, Michelle. On the back of the photo there is handwriting that reads, Rusty & Me.

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