Erik Menendez letter envelope set

Erik Menendez letter envelope set

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Joseph Lyle Menéndez (born January 10, 1968) and Erik Galen Menéndez (born November 27, 1970) are American brothers from Beverly Hills, California, who were convicted in a high-profile criminal trial in 1994 for the 1989 murder by shotgun of their wealthy parents, entertainment executive José and his wife Mary ("Kitty"). Though initially not regarded as suspects, the duo attracted the attention of authorities as they spent their deceased parents' fortune lavishly within weeks of the murders.

During the trial, the brothers claimed that the murders stemmed from years of sexual and psychological abuse that they had suffered at the hands of their parents. The juries deadlocked in both trials, but in their retrials, the juries both rejected the defense's claim. The brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The envelope was written by another inmate. The letter is handwritten by Menendez, and is signed in full.

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