Eugene McWatters signed letter envelope set

Eugene McWatters signed letter envelope set


With the families of two of his three victims a few feet away, Eugene McWatters  was sentenced to death for the rape and strangling of three women in a 2004 spree dubbed the Salerno Stranglings.

McWatters said nothing during the hearing and his attorneys offered no argument for leniency beyond the issues raised in the penalty phase of his trial. They had argued he was abused as a child and suffered from depression and drug addiction.

Prosecutor Tom Bakkedahl called McWatters "cowardly" for refusing to admit his crimes.

In addition to the three death sentences, Martin Circuit Judge Larry Schack ordered three consecutive life prison terms for the rapes of the three victims.

The sentence will automatically be appealed.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed in full.

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