Jim Ruzicka signed letter envelope photo

Jim Ruzicka signed letter envelope photo


There are currently around 270 “lifers” who were sentenced prior to 1984 in the Department of Corrections.  One of them, James Ruzicka, kidnapped and raped two teenage girls from West Seattle in 1974.

Kay Kinghammer’s sister Nancy was one of those victims, just 16 when she was kidnapped two blocks from her home.

“Nancy decided she wanted to get out of the house and go to the store.  She was walking past a vacant lot filled with garbage and blackberry vines and he came out of the lot and pulled her in there and killed her there.  Then he left her there like a piece of garbage by the wayside,” said Kinghammer.

A year earlier,  Ruzicka was convicted of raping two women at knifepoint.  Because he was deemed a sexual psychopath by the court, he was sent to Western State Hospital instead of prison.  Administrators there granted him a two-day furlough for good behavior, but he never went back.  Three weeks later, he murdered Nancy Kinghammer and she wouldn’t be his only victim.

Wayne Haddenham’s 14-year-old sister Penny disappeared just days after Nancy was killed.  Penny was out shopping when Ruzicka grabbed her off the street, raped and strangled her and then put her body on gruesome display near the West Seattle Bridge.

“A newspaper boy coming home from his paper route had walked upon her and discovered her hanging from a tree.  It hurt just thinking that I wasn’t there to protect her.  That’s what big brothers are for,” said Haddenham.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Jim. Included is a signed photo.

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