Jimmy Cournoyer signed letter envelope set

Jimmy Cournoyer signed letter envelope set


a French Canadian playboy named Jimmy Cournoyer, spent almost a decade selling high-grade marijuana in the city, trafficking the drug through a sprawling operation that moved from fields and factories in western Canada, through staging plants in suburban Montreal, across the United States border at an Indian reservation and finally south to a network of distributors in New York. Along the way, Mr. Cournoyer, a martial-arts enthusiast with a taste for fast cars, oversaw an unlikely ensemble of underlings, a company of criminals that came to include Native American smugglers, Hells Angels, Mexican money launderers, a clothier turned cocaine dealer in Southern California and a preppy, Polo-wearing Staten Island gangster.

It all came to an end, when Mr. Cournoyer was sentenced in Brooklyn to 27 years in federal prison, finally bringing to a close the investigation that emerged in 2007 from that domestic dispute.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. This was written while Cournoyer was awaiting trial. The letter is signed, Jim.

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