Jose Martinez signed letter envelope set

Jose Martinez signed letter envelope set

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A man suspected of a double murder last decade in Florida is telling authorities he's committed more than 30 killings in his lifetime, authorities in Florida said.

The suspect has been identified as Jose Martinez, the Marion County, Florida, Sheriff's Office said.

Lab results in February from a cigarette butt recovered inside the victims' truck revealed a DNA profile of Martinez, the office said. The 2006 killings occurred in Ocala.

"After further investigation, it was revealed that this subject was also wanted in the state of Alabama for an unrelated homicide," the office said. Martinez was picked up in Arizona and was extradited to Alabama, where he is now in jail.

In interviews with detectives, Martinez confessed to the Florida killings and said he's committed more than 30 killings during his life.

Marion County detectives and Alabama authorities have been able to confirm at least 11 murder victims that Martinez said he killed, Marion County Detective T.J. Watts said. Authorities across the country are working to identify all of the people the suspect said he killed.

Martinez was convicted of the double homicide in Florida and sentenced to life in prison, running concurrent with his sentences in Alabama and California.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Jose Martinez.

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