Juan Castillo signed letter envelope set

Juan Castillo signed letter envelope set

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Texas executed a man for robbing and killing an aspiring rapper the murderer's girlfriend lured to a make-out spot.

Juan Castillo, 37, maintained his innocence in the death of Tommy Garcia, Jr. His execution was postponed three times.

Castillo's then-girlfriend, Debra Espinosa, and two others lured Garcia to a secluded make-out spot in San Antonio with the promise of sex and drugs. Espinosa had previously dated Garcia.

Garcia attempted to run and Castillo shot him, the accomplices told police. Castillo was convicted and sentenced to death in 2005.

"To everyone that has been there for me you know who you are," he said. "Love ya'll. See y'all on the other side. That's it," said as the lethal injection process began.

His final words were in reaction to the drugs after they were administered.

"I can taste this shit," he said. "Shit does burn."

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Juan Castillo.

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