Mark Haydon signed aerogram

Mark Haydon signed aerogram


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The Snowtown murders (also known as the bodies-in-barrels murders) were a series of homicides committed by John Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis between August 1992 and May 1999 in South Australia. A fourth person, Mark Haydon, was convicted for helping to dispose of the bodies. The trial was one of the longest and most publicised in Australian legal history.

Only one of the victims was killed in Snowtown, which is approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles) north of Adelaide, and none of the eleven victims nor the perpetrators were from the town. Though motivation for the murders is unclear, the killers were led by Bunting to believe that the victims were paedophiles,homosexuals or "weak". In at least some instances, the murders were preceded by torture, and efforts were made to appropriate victims' Centrelink social security payments and bank funds.

Although initially the notoriety of the murders led to a short-term economic boost from tourists visiting Snowtown, it created a lasting stigma, with authorities considering a change of the town's name and identity.

Mark Ray Haydon, an associate of Bunting, is the subject of "suppression orders or statutory provisions prohibiting publication" and cannot therefore be identified as anything other than an alleged perpetrator. In January 1999, he reportedly rented the abandoned State Bank building at Snowtown. A jury deadlocked on initial murder charges against Haydon, which were not proceeded with when Haydon pleaded guilty to helping the serial killers dispose of the bodies of his wife Elizabeth and Troy Youde.

The aerogram is completely handwritten. It is signed, Mark.

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