Patrice Alegre signed letter

Patrice Alegre signed letter

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September 5 1997, Patrice Alègre, a handsome 32 years old man from Toulouse (south of France) was arrested in Paris.

Alegre was charged for the rape and murder of 6 young women, between 1989 and 1997, plus one rape and one attempted killing. He could have killed 15 more people (men and women).

He was charged with the murder of his neighbour in 1989 in Toulouse, his neighbour in 1990 in Saint Géniès-Bellevue, a prostitute in 1992, and 3 women in 1997. He travelled in Belgium, Germany and Spain, where he met his last victim (he killed her in Paris).

He was an ex-bouncer of discotheque, had a passion for culturism, and was a "Don Juan".

He was said to be a "teenager with problems". He's been in many prisons and detention centers. He has a daughter, born in 1989. Alegre received a life sentence.

He was responsible for raping and killing 5 women and raping 6 more. He's suspected of killing 7 other women.

He killed in Toulouse (south of France) and in Paris. He may have killed elsewhere in France, but also in Spain, Germany and Belgium. He may have killed men too.

His victims are :

- Valérie Tarriote, 22, february 1989, in Toulouse.
- Laure Martinet, 19, his neighbour in Toulouse, january 1990.
- Martine Matias, 29, in Toulouse, february 1997.
- Mireille Normand, 36, in Verdun.
- Isabelle Chicherie, 31, in Paris, september 1997. Patrice Alègre was arrested the day after this murder.

Alègre knew all his victims. They were neighbours, women he met in the club where he was working, friend of a friend... All of them were brunette. He would kill when he was drunk. He wanted to have sex with the women, they refused, he beat them, tied their hands, raped them and strangled them.

The police said that two women commited suicide and were not killed.

- Valérie Tarriote was found almost nude on her bed, with her wrists tied upon her head. Two pieces of underwear were in her throat and mouth. Her underwear were torn apart. There were two glasses in the living-room.

- Martine Matias was found burned in her house. There was blood in the bathroom, and on her bra. She was in a strange position, bent, something sexual. The coroner said there was chloroforme in her muscles. The fire began in two separated places. There was a piece of an automatic pistol in the living-room.

Twice, the police concluded it was suicide ! The investigator on the Matias case had a hard time trying to explain his mistake, during the trial...

Alegre's father married his mother because she felt pregnant. He was born in june 1968. His father was a policman, he was violent and wanted is son "to live straight". Alègre really loves his mother, who was an alcoholic. They divorced in 1988.

As a teenager, he was involved in burglaries, he began to smoke joint and drink. At 17, he tried to strangle his girlfriend.

His father, during the trial, said that he was not violent but just "austere", and that he's never beaten anyone. Alègre replied : "He's lying, as usual ! I just have one regret : I didn't kill him although I promised my mother I would. I wouldn't have done all the evil I did. And I don't love him".

The letter is signed, Patrice. The letter is handwritten, with no return address.


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