Teodoro Baez signed letter envelope set

Teodoro Baez signed letter envelope set


 On August 5, 1999, Teodoro Baez was involved with a drug dispute. He shot Juan Estrada twice and then slashed and stabbed him dozens of times with a samurai sword. He then lured Janet Mena, who was waiting in a car outside, into the apartment where he choked, kicked, and stabbed her repeatedly with the sword. He then dismembered the bodies and scattered the pieces around Chicago. The prosecution presented evidence in his trial, that he had assaulted one prisoner and one correctional officer ( he stabbed him in the neck ) while he was in jail since his arrest. Baez also had a lengthy record of felonies. Baez told mental health professionals who interviewed him that he would welcome death as providing “closure.”

      In February of 2011, Governor Pat Quinn abolished the death penalty and commuted the death sentences of 15 men on death row in Illinois. Teodoro Baez was one of them and is now serving out a life time sentence. 

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed.

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