Thomas Huskey signed Robert Frost poem

Thomas Huskey signed Robert Frost poem


He swore another man killed four women - another man with a different personality who lured them with the same voice and strangled them with the same hands.

The only man accused of serial murder in Knox County sits in prison today, a convicted rapist who'll never serve a day for the killings of four women in a thicket just outside the eastern city limits 18 years ago.

Judges ruled a series of missteps by investigators made prosecution of Thomas Dee Huskey, better known as the "Zoo Man," impossible - despite a confession and souvenirs from the women's bodies found in his bedroom.

The men who made the case say they have just one regret.

"We got beat by the system," said Dan Stewart, a retired Knox County Sheriff's Office detective who helped win Huskey's only conviction. "He wasn't tried for it, but he did it. We acted in good faith, but the very paper we picked him up on was thrown out by the courts."

Gregory P. Isaacs, who along with Herbert S. Moncier defended Huskey, didn't discuss specifics of the case but described it as a personal and professional milestone.

"It was an all-star lineup of attorneys, prosecutors and experts from across the country," Isaacs said. "When I first began representing Tom Huskey, it was the biggest case in the state of Tennessee. I had no children then. Now, 17 years and four kids later, we're still litigating cases involving Tom Huskey. It was, is, and always will be an overwhelming case."

The poem is that done by Robert Frost, and Huskey has hand wrote it all, and signed it, Thom.

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