Carl abuhl signed letter envelope set

Carl abuhl signed letter envelope set


Carl Abuhl is serving a 77 year sentence at Spring Creek Penitentiary, in Alaska for murder and animal cruelty. He describes his crimes both inside and outside the prison walls with a succinctness and subtle humor.  His original charge stemmed from an incident where he bludgeoned a co-worker to death. 

    "I smashed his skull, I mean I smashed it.  Bad.  I think the biggest piece of skull fragment they found was about the size of a half-dollar." 

    Abuhl then continued kicking and stomping the man's body, something he admits he should've restrained from.  He describes this as though he's describing a commercial he saw on TV once. Then, after bludgeoning the man, Abuhl says he lost it a bit and took it further than he maybe should have, staying at the man's residence for days on end.  He admitted he was fascinated to see the progress of the body's decomposition, which he witnessed first hand. 

      "It was pretty gross, started to stink pretty bad." 

     Once he grew bored with this, he decided to put the man's cat in the microwave.  Laughing, he coyly muttered, "....and 2 minutes and 30 seconds wasn't long enough." 

    Abuhl's violent tendencies lands him often in the prison's Administrative Segregation Unit. 

     While in general population, Abuhl committed the one and only murder to occur in Spring Creek while in the prison. His cellmate was there for murdering his mother and through an insanity plea and his purported manipulation of a psychiatric evaluation would see him potentially paroled in 10 years, rather than his sentence of 20.  The inmate bragged about this ("I killed mommy and I'll be back out on the streets in 10 years.") and his manipulation of the legal system to Abuhl, who obviously didn't find it something to be proud of. 

     Eventually growing tired of this man's boasting, Abuhl tore his bedsheet, wrapped it around the man's head and suffocated him, eventually breaking his neck.  "Oh, 'haha', you killed your own mother and you're gonna get away with it?  Nope, now you ain't doing nothin'.....go say 'Hi' to mommy."

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Carl Abuhl.

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