Carl Drew signed address book

Carl Drew signed address book


A Massachusetts pimp and self-styled Satanist, Drew used the trappings of his twisted religion to keep prostitutes in line, compelling their participation in cult rituals and threatening savage violence if they tried to reject his "protection."

At his murder trial, in March 1981, several witnesses described Drew's role in a series of ritual gatherings held between October 1979 and February 1980. Declaring himself to be Satan, Drew would reportedly chant and pray in "a different language," leading his flock through the grisly steps of human sacrifice on at least two occasions.

The first victim was Donna Levesque, of Fall River, her mutilated body discovered on October 13, 1979. Witnesses to that ritual murder included prostitutes Karen Marsden, 20, and Robin Murphy, 18. While Murphy was able to tolerate the sadistic violence gradually moving from the role of an observer to that of a participant, Marsden was repulsed and sought to break away from Drew's control.

On February 8, 1980, she was sacrificed at a cult gathering outside Westport, tortured by having her hair and fingernails ripped out, beaten over the head with stones before Drew manually snapped her neck. Unsatisfied, the pimp persuaded Robin Murphy to slash Marsden's throat, after which he removed her head and the cultists kicked it around like a football. Marsden's fingers were lopped off in an effort to steal her rings, and Drew finished by raping the headless corpse, carving an "X" on the chest and smearing Marsden's blood on Murphy's forehead.

Fragments of Marsden's skull and scraps of her clothing were found in the woods on April 13, 1980. No other trace of her body has surfaced, but authorities identified the meager remains by comparing bone fragments with skull X-rays taken in 1978, when the victim was treated for a sinus ailment.

By that time, Robin Murphy had already cracked under the strain of concealing two murders, and she fingered Carl Drew as the killer. Pleading guilty to her role in the Marsden sacrifice, Murphy accepted a life sentence and agreed to testify for the state, against Drew.

The 26-year-old Satanist's trial opened on March 2, 1981, and he was indicted for Donna Levesque's murder the following day. In the meantime, his name had also been mentioned in court proceedings against 43-year-old Andre Maltais, convicted of murdering prostitute Barbara Raposa, 19, in November 1979, and Drew was suspected, but never tried for a second Fall River slaying. Convicted of the Marsden slaying on March 13, Drew was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1982, his conviction for assaulting another prostitute with a deadly weapon added ten years to his existing prison sentence.

The address book is signed on the inside, Carl Drew and is dated 1997.

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