Isaac Zamora notepad from trial

Isaac Zamora notepad from trial

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September 2, 2008 Isaac Zamora 2008 Shooting Spree  Isaac Zamora killed a sheriff's deputy and five civilians as part of a shooting rampage in Skagit County, Washington, while wounding two others. Zamora then led police on a high speed chase, still shooting and killing one motorist. He drove to a sheriff's office and surrendered, where he was subsequently arrested. Deputy Anne Jackson responded to a call made by Zamora's mother, Dennise. When Jackson did not check in with dispatch, police responded to the home and found her dead along with another victim Chester Rose 58. Three more bodies were later discovered. Zamora also shot and wounded a motorcyclist and grazed the arm of a state trooper who was chasing him. Prior to the killings, Zamora had been struggling with mental illness since the family's home burned down a decade earlier. Zamora had been on supervised release for theft and felony drug possession and made contact with his parole officer a few months prior. Zamora was regarded as a nonviolent offender, but was supervised as a high risk offender because of his mental heath issues. His state had deteriorated in recent months, and his family had compelled.

A lawyer for some of the victims of a 2008 shooting spree in Skagit County says Washington state has agree to pay $9 million to settle claims

 been deemed too dangerous to stay in a hospital

28-year-old Isaac Zamora killed a sheriff's deputy along with five other people and he also wounded two more. As the Seattle Times' article goes on to say, Zamora led police on a high speed chase along Interstate 5 in his full-size pick-up truck. The chase ended when he went to Skagit County Sheriff's Office and surrendered to authorities. The only person of those slain identified was the sheriff's deputy, Anne Jackson. She had responded to an emergency call from Zamora's mother, Dennise Zamora.

Dennisse Zamora indicated in the article that her son had been "extremely mentally ill." Further she said that he had been living off and on in the woods alone. According to her, Isaac Zamora had been fighting mental illness since the family house burned down over ten years ago.

Zamora is now serving four life sentences in a state prison.

The legal pad is handwritten full of notes and a few doodles. This notepad is from the DOC court hearing, in which Zamora was transferred to prison from a state mental hospital. It is signed on the front. This is a one of a kind piece!

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