Keith Fudge signed letter envelope set

Keith Fudge signed letter envelope set


Gang member Keith Tyrone (Ace Capone) Fudge was sentenced to death for killing five teen-agers during a 1984 shooting spree at a Southside birthday party that the judge said was "reminiscent of the gangland violence and massacres of the '30s."

"It is difficult to conceive of circumstances that would demonstrate more callousness and indifference to human life," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald E. Cappai told Fudge, 21, who was wearing red shoelaces, a Bloods gang trademark.

He was convicted  in August in his second trial of opening fire outside a home on West 54th Street in retaliation against a member of the rival Crips gang. Fudge believed that the other gang member, Percy Brewer, 17, had stolen his car, according to the prosecution.

Using a rifle, Fudge gunned down Brewer, Phillip Westbrooks, 18, and Diane Rasberry, 17. The prosecution believes that a fellow gang member, Fred Knight, killed Shannon Cannon, 14, and Darryl Coleman, 17, but the jury found Fudge responsible for their deaths.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Free Keith.

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