Andrea Jackson signed letter photo envelope

Andrea Jackson signed letter photo envelope


Andrea Hicks Jackson (aka Felice), Black, born Feb 26, 1958, sentenced to death on Feb 10, 1984 for the murder of a black male police officer (age 28) in Jacksonville on May 16, 1983.

The death sentence was reversed in July 1989 and she was resentenced on Feb 21, 1992, again reversed in 1994, resentenced on Dec 13, 1995, and reversed in 1997 - currently not on Death Row.

Andrea Hicks Jackson, the murderer of Jacksonville police officer Gary Bevel, smiled as she left Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran's courtroom. She beat the system.

In a surprise decision, Moran determined that Jackson's sentence should be commuted to life.

Lady Justice has battled to maintain her dignity, and with the help of Harry Shorstein, the State Attorney's Office and four different juries she held her head high. The people spoke; Jackson deserved to die for her brutal murder of Bevel.

The letter and envelope are both handwritten. The letter is signed, Andrea. Included is a photo, in which Jackson has written her name and FL DOC number out.

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