John Lewis Prison ID

John Lewis Prison ID


John Lewis was sentenced to death for his role in the so called "mall-murders." The other defendants--Robbin Machuca, 27, John Irving Lewis' half sister; Vincent Hubbard, 27, Machuca's former boyfriend, and Eileen Huber, 21, Lewis' former girlfriend--were brought in separately for sentencing to life in prison without possibility of parole.

The killings began July 5, 1991, when Jose Avina, 22, of Norwalk was shot while stopped in his pickup truck at a Monrovia intersection, and ended the next month when Shirley Denogean, 56, of Claremont was shot repeatedly along the Pomona Freeway near the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. The crimes were called the "mall murders" because two of the victims were kidnapped at gunpoint from the Puente Hills Mall, forced to withdraw money from automated teller machines and shot. Their bodies were dumped along area freeways.

Lewis was sentenced to death in Los Angeles County on March 3, 1993. 

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